High Rollers and VIP Casino Treatment

High Rollers and VIP Casino Treatment

Aside from dropping the big bucks on the table whenever and wherever they can, winning and losing big, high rollers also go through something that very few people experience-VIP casino treatment. Some of us have had a free buffet thrown at us or gotten a fancy night’s stay at the hotel. What else is there? Let’s find out below.

-Complimentary services

The sort of compensation high-rollers receive depends on the kind of casino they’re at. Each casino has their own high rollers club that offers specific kinds of services. Some offer fun and complimentary services, entertainment facilities like bowling areas, free rooms, complimentary food and drink, gourmet meals, private services from famous chefs, limousines, luxury suites, front row seats to the biggest shows, private jet services and more.

-A line of credit

Because high rollers don’t want to walk around with a million dollars in their pocket, casinos offer them a line of credit. Players will feel more comfortable playing at casinos that offer them this option, however, it makes it easy for whales to end up owing casinos so much in debt. This has happened several times with some taking years to clear the debt, some ending up dead before they can do so and some end up never paying the debt.

This means casinos need to protect themselves by having backup allowances just in case something like that ever happens. Sands Casino in Vegas apparently set aside $492 million in 2012. Caesar’s Entertainment Corp had a $200 million allowance at a point and Wynn and MGM Resorts about $100 million allowances.

What happens when a high-roller has a debt?

Most times the casino orders them to pay and just waits for them to do so. Casinos treat high rollers as their friends. However, this wasn’t always so. In the 2007 Terrance Watanabe incident, Caesar’s Palace was blamed for taking advantage of the high roller’s gambling addiction. The casino staff apparently drugged him with painkillers and alcohol to keep him gambling. When he went broke they sued him with the hopes of recovering the debt.


Most high-rollers with debts usually pay up, but this wasn’t the case with Akio Kashiwagi. He was a Japanese businessman who loved to gamble and so Trump invited him to sample one of his casinos in Atlantic City. Kashiwagi lost 10 million dollars in a weekend and left having not cleared his debt which was just another one on a pile of uncleared debts. In the end, some say it got to him because he was found murdered- stabbed 150 times with a samurai sword.

In the end casinos really do want the best for their whales, but they also look after their own interests too. Before offering a high roller a line of credit, casinos make sure to investigate the player and also watch his movements within the casino. After signing you on they want to make sure that you genuinely love to gamble and aren’t just another millionaire looking for free comps.





Have you been working out for so long yet you have not seen the desired result of your hardship? Have you spent too much money, effort and time but feel like it has been wasted? Now is your proper time to correct it and make your work out a productive one. Here are some best life hacks that would enable you to manage your work properly.

Workout at the best suitable time.
This is to maximize your potential. According to experts, the best suited time for working out is first thing in the morning. It is during this time that our body is not yet tired and would be able to endure a long period of exercise compared to afternoon workouts.


Eat regularly especially foods with protein.
Always remember that it is important to eat more protein-rich food for it will help in building our muscles. Ideally, it would be best if we eat the equivalent amount of protein in grams as your current body in pounds. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds, then you must also eat 200grams of protein a day.

Always drink plenty of water.
Water is very essential for our workout because it will help us to avoid cramps and being easily prone to fatigue. So we must drink water before, during and after our work out for the best result.

Do some warm up before every workout.
Do some stretching before you proceed to proper workout. It will make our brain aware that you are going to your work out proper every time we do the stretching. In that way, we would be able to prepare ourselves mentally and physically for our workout. Also, it would help to prevent some muscle cramps and can lower our anxiety.

Budget your time for work out.
Proper timing is essential for a workout. We should remember that we must only stay in the gym for an hour or two and not the entire day or half of the day. Proper time management is also a key to achieving our body goals.

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Four More Years of Him

Four More Years of Him

You’ve seen our new poster haven’t you? You know, this one:

four more years of him

I asked Lyndon if the public would really believe that Blair’s going to be in office for 4 more years if I don’t win.

Labour\’s postersI showed him a copy Labour’s posters, pointing out that they have one with Gordon Brown on it too, and asked him whether people might realise that if they vote Blair, they get Brown.

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“Listen, you’ve tried the red scare tactic before and it didn’t work. Remember those demon-eyes posters of Blair grinning? This time we’re going to ignore the fact that if Blair wins, then a real red will be running the country in a year or so.”

It doesn’t make sense to me, but I didn’t tell Lyndon that. Discover more

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