Have you been working out for so long yet you have not seen the desired result of your hardship? Have you spent too much money, effort and time but feel like it has been wasted? Now is your proper time to correct it and make your work out a productive one. Here are some best life hacks that would enable you to manage your work properly.

Workout at the best suitable time.
This is to maximize your potential. According to experts, the best suited time for working out is first thing in the morning. It is during this time that our body is not yet tired and would be able to endure a long period of exercise compared to afternoon workouts.


Eat regularly especially foods with protein.
Always remember that it is important to eat more protein-rich food for it will help in building our muscles. Ideally, it would be best if we eat the equivalent amount of protein in grams as your current body in pounds. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds, then you must also eat 200grams of protein a day.

Always drink plenty of water.
Water is very essential for our workout because it will help us to avoid cramps and being easily prone to fatigue. So we must drink water before, during and after our work out for the best result.

Do some warm up before every workout.
Do some stretching before you proceed to proper workout. It will make our brain aware that you are going to your work out proper every time we do the stretching. In that way, we would be able to prepare ourselves mentally and physically for our workout. Also, it would help to prevent some muscle cramps and can lower our anxiety.

Budget your time for work out.
Proper timing is essential for a workout. We should remember that we must only stay in the gym for an hour or two and not the entire day or half of the day. Proper time management is also a key to achieving our body goals.

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Four More Years of Him

You’ve seen our new poster haven’t you? You know, this one:

four more years of him

I asked Lyndon if the public would really believe that Blair’s going to be in office for 4 more years if I don’t win.

Labour\’s postersI showed him a copy Labour’s posters, pointing out that they have one with Gordon Brown on it too, and asked him whether people might realise that if they vote Blair, they get Brown.

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“Listen, you’ve tried the red scare tactic before and it didn’t work. Remember those demon-eyes posters of Blair grinning? This time we’re going to ignore the fact that if Blair wins, then a real red will be running the country in a year or so.”

It doesn’t make sense to me, but I didn’t tell Lyndon that. Discover more……

Multi-Talented British Jamaican Artist and Songwriter, Tashana, has Debuted Her Brand New Single

‘Island’ girl and multi-talented British Jamaican artist and songwriter, Tashana, has debuted her brand new single Island and its accompanying visuals.

Known for her unique creative style, which blends Reggae and Bashment with R&B and Hip Hop, and merges the flavours of the Caribbean with the gritty streets of her hometown in South East London, Tashana made her debut last year with the well-received single Inna Di Air, and has steadily been gaining new fans with her dancehall renditions of some of the year’s most popular tunes.

Tashana has already caught the ears of BBC 1Xtra, PRS For Music, Reprezent Radio and Island Records which shows something more than the talent this artist posses.

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For her new single, Tashana has collaborated with burgeoning producers Chloe Kraemer and Musiek Mambu (Sneakbo, Aina More), to deliver an infectious tropical dancehall tune, which is perfect for the summer. Inspired by her culture and heritage, Tashana sings about escaping to your happy place with the person you love, using the Caribbean islands scenery as the perfect reference and inspiration.

The visuals for Island, which were directed by revered Bay Area filmmaker Uzi Movies, sees Tashana transported to the sunny settings of Treasure Island in California, for a fun summer day out at the beach, which not only brings the record further to life, but also captures Tashana’s positive and bubbly personality, which will no doubt endear the emerging artist to both fans and critics.

Speaking about bringing her single to fruition, Tashana says, “I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project with my team, and I can’t wait for the world to finally hear my sound. The whole concept of ‘Island’ is something I live by – have fun, live life with the ones you love. It means everything to me to be able to inspire those who gravitate to my music, and continue to push nothing but positive energy. I’m extremely excited for this record!” Read more……

This Gives us the Opportunity to Fine Tune and Expand our Courses

Director of Music’s Welcome

Welcome to our 2013 Summer School of Music. You’ll find it packed with a huge variety of music making opportunities and I’m sure you will find something just for you.

Sherborne Summer School of Music never stands still. The 2013 school will present an exciting new format, we are moving to two weeks! 2012 saw the completion of several refurbishment projects within Sherborne School allowing us to accommodate more students in each week.

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This gives us the opportunity to fine tune and expand our courses allowing greater flexibility, greater co-operation between courses, and to establish new courses. Some of our innovations include a Painting and Drawing course with the distinguished artist Jeremy Yates and his assistant Pam Green, an expanded Choral Masterpieces course which will include larger-scale repertoire, and a new Mixed Chamber Music course with the celebrated Delme String Quartet, Sarah Francis and Wendy Phillips.

We also give a big welcome to Fran Bolton who takes over the Voices in Harmony choir and we have the extra pleasure of welcoming back John Georgiadis to direct the Chamber Orchestra after his stunning success with the String Orchestra last year.

Its not all change though – Sherborne is still the place that offers maximum enjoyment for committed music makers of all abilities. All in all, we are in for a very special treat and a Sherborne not to be missed, we look forward very much to welcoming you. Read more……

Best Off Road Bikes – 5 Tips

When one strives to find out which is best off road bikes 2017 is best, there are many things to think about. This article aims to give you tips to enable you to choose best off road bikes 2017 for you.

Tip 1: Your Budget

You have to determine how much money you can spend on your best off road bikes. This will decide whether you can buy another bike or use one. It will also take part in the bicycle period you will be able to get it. You need to have enough money to set aside to get the best bike without putting a load on your wallet.

Tip 2: Bike Use

You also need to decide whether you will use your bike primarily for running on the road, or if you have a plan to climb the city. If you know you are going to climb the road, you should discover a bike that is a legitimate road where you live. Usually, being a legitimate road, the bike needs to have headaches, tiles, and turn the signal.

Tip 3: Your Build

You think how great you are. This will give you a chance to determine how great a casing you need. Off road bike arrive in size, which runs from bicycle schemes to youth for many young people who should get rid of a professional. You have to discover a casing which is the right size for you and that you are welcome.

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Tip 4: Your Experience Level

Although most people do not want to admit that they are few, you really need to determine what is really the bike experience off road. If you are very new to driving, it’s wise that you begin with 125 model. For those who are aware, 250 bicycles of off road bike are the best choice. Examples that are larger than 250 bicycles should only be used by buyers riding.

Tip 5: Specialist

Understand that special bicycles are arranged for special forces, similar to holding patience, photography, blowing, and so on. So, when you take a bike that is best for you, make sure you choose one that is planned as a bike bicycle. Want more? Click here..

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